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Commonly Treated Issues Include:

Abuse / Trauma
Addictions / Habits
Alcohol / Drugs

Bipolar / Mood Disorders
Career / School
Caregiver Stress
Chronic Worry
Conflict / Trust

Eating / Weight Issues
Illness / Grief / Loss
Learning Problems

OCD / Obsessions
Panic / Fears
Parenting Issues

Personality Disorders
Sex / Intimacy
Sleep Issues
Women's / Men's Issues

Family Therapy / Counseling

Are your children having trouble getting along?  Are your children acting up?  Is there a lot of tension in your house?  Is addictive behavior running havoc in your house?  Are you arguing about financial issues?  Is there a lack of affection at home?  Do you have in-law problems?  Is there a lot of tension in your home?  If you answered yes to one of these questions, family therapy might be an excellent option for you.  Your family is usually the most important support in your life.  Although every family is unique and faces different issues, the main purpose of therapy is to bring your family together to help create a peaceful and loving unit.  Some issues that are addressed in family therapy include:

  • Parenting issues
  • Issues within immediately family (parents and children)
  • Issues within blended families and stepfamilies
  • Difference in values
  • Conflict between family members
  • Issues with culture and religion
  • Behavioral problems
  • Conflict between family members

When do you need family therapy?
Many families fall apart because they do not get the chance to work through their issues.  When the love, understanding and support between family members is breaking down, when arguments and tension abound, when support is replaced by misunderstanding, when love is replaced by anger, when security is replaced by tension, it is time for the family to seek family counseling or family therapy.

Why is the family unit so important?
In society, the nuclear family unit is intended to provide you with nurturance and support throughout the life cycle.  Your family should provide you with love, understanding, and safety.  When your family is challenged with difficult, stressful times and there is no end in sight, you might require professional help to reestablish positive interactions and avoid the development of harmful patterns.

What is family therapy?
Family therapy helps your family learn to communicate more effectively so that each member can more fully understand the needs, desires, and wishes of the other members.  Family therapy helps to clarify the needs of each family member and the family unit.

As communication skills improve, each member will improve their listening skills which will enable them to hear and understand the needs of the family.  As family members meet individually and together with the psychotherapist or counselor, improved communication and listening will lead to a resolution of conflicts, improved functioning of each member, and a healthier family unit.

Therapy will help all the members of your family communicate their true feelings and you will develop greater empathy. Your family will discuss and resolve any conflicts. Your family will function better and learn how to work together.

During family therapy sessions, the therapist will ask questions to make certain that you are understood, that all your wants, needs and opinions are heard, and to make certain that you are listened to and understood.  It is important for the therapist as well as the other therapist to afford you the respect of letting you express your thoughts, desires, and goals.  When you are talking to your therapist and family in this manner, this will lead to greater self-understanding, the needs of the family, and help you work together to solve problems, learn new ways to interact, resolve conflicts, and form stronger bonds.

Family therapy can help your family address many challenges, such as anger, violence, addiction, life-style issues, divorce, remarriage, parenting, step parenting, stress, pain, acting out, illness, grief, and additions of new family members or losses of family members.  In therapy, your family can learn how to help each other deal with pain, interact positively, and develop trust. You will learn how to replace conflict, hostility, and misunderstanding with positive, nurturing behaviors. Your family will offer support and feel safe with each other.  Your family will benefit from an enhanced trust and respect, which will develop between family members.

Family Therapy Services
If you want more information about family counseling or want to discuss your particular needs, call our offices today.  We can help match you with the family therapist that best meets your needs.

In a confidential, supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere, psychotherapy or counseling with a licensed psychologist, counselor, psychotherapist, psychiatric nurse practitioner, social worker, or psychiatrist can help the individual with the disorder to gain awareness, achieve positive behavioral change, and improve functioning in school, work, and relationships.

If this sounds like you or someone you know and you’d like more information about the treatment for family therapy, call our office at 212-996-3939 or to speak to someone today.

It is important for someone with an anxiety disorder to seek psychotherapy and/or medication as soon as possible from a licensed psychologist, clinical social worker, psychotherapist, counselor, psychiatric nurse practitioner or psychiatrist.  In a confidential, supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere, psychotherapy or counseling with a licensed psychologist or psychotherapist can help the individual gain awareness, achieve positive behavioral change, and improve overall functioning. Medication can be prescribed by a psychiatric nurse practitioner or psychiatrist. The sooner treatment is begun, the sooner the anxiety can go into remission.

If you or someone you know is suffering from an anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder, phobias, fears constant worry,  or generalized anxiety disorder, and you would like more information about treatment for anxiety, want to discuss your specific needs, or make an appointment, call our office today to speak to someone.

We have licensed psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, counselors, clinical social workers, and psychiatric nurse practitioners, qualified and experienced in effectively treating anxiety disorders, and we can help suggest the therapist that best meets your needs.  Our telephone number is 212-996-3939.