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Commonly Treated Issues Include:

Abuse / Trauma
Addictions / Habits
Alcohol / Drugs

Bipolar / Mood Disorders
Career / School
Caregiver Stress
Chronic Worry
Conflict / Trust

Eating / Weight Issues
Illness / Grief / Loss
Learning Problems

OCD / Obsessions
Panic / Fears
Parenting Issues

Personality Disorders
Sex / Intimacy
Sleep Issues
Women's / Men's Issues

Geriatric Issues

Depression in the Geriatric Population

Depression in the elderly population is often undiagnosed and when their depression goes untreated, family members as well as the depressed person suffer. More recently, heath care professionals are learning how to better diagnose underlying depression found in the geriatric population.  Medication that an elderly person is on may be the cause of depression in one particular case.

The most successful treatment option for elderly depression is similar to those in treating other forms of depression, which is a combination of psychotherapy medication depending on the severity of the depression. Studies show that daily, brief, sessions of psychotherapy are the most effective for short term depression in the elderly. 

If you have further questions about stress or believe you or someone you know may be suffering from symptoms linked to depression, call our office at 212-996-3939. We will be glad to answer your questions and can help you select the therapist that best meets your needs.